History of Edo moji

The Edomoji is the generic name of a design letter used from the about the end of 18th century of the Edo era when Japan still wrote Japanese by a writing brush.

From those days, the Edomoji was got close to the common people very much.
There are Kabuki, Sumo, Rakugo(traditional comic storytelling), the design of letters different each and is inherited now.
The following images is written to the same letter with each style(ryu=style).

kabuki kanteiryusumo negishiryurakugo tatibanaryu
Kabuki Kantei-ryuSumo Negishi-ryuRakugo Tachibana-ryu

The Kantei-ryu of calligraphy derived from the traditional Japanese calligraphy style(called the Wayoh) “Oie-ryu”  that is formal style of handwriting of handwriting of the Edo Shogunate first.

However, the Wayoh that was a Japanese traditional writing brush letter was prohibited, and the instead Chinese block style “Kaisho” was forced by the Meiji government established newly in 1868.(A Japanese was stronger in China than Japan and was convinced that it was an advanced country these days.)